BUNTE Genuss & Stil 2/2020

Our second issue this fall features Christmas with style and cozy evenings with delicious recipes. There are two specials about truffles and champagne. And our VIP‘s will tell you about their favorite meals to keep their love fresh and vivacious. Enjoy!


Cover photo & inside spreads: Schöttger

Set-Design: Hendrikje Bernhoeft c/o blossom management


‚Deko-Trends‘ photos: Taverne-agency.com

’10 köstliche Klassiker‘ photos: Burdafood.net/Thorsten Suedfels, Jan-Peter Westermann & Sabrina Sue Daniels; Stockfood/Michael Paul

‚Beziehungsweise essen‘ photos: Frank Zauritz, Michael Magulski, Stockfood

‚Adieu mit Stil‘ photos: Silke Deidl, Jessine Hein/illustratoren.de